Guest Blog From Kevin MacIntosh: Just Get On Board!

Geoff Smith Portrait

BY Geoff Smith


Every now and again, we get to meet someone really interesting, who helps to re-orient our perspective. A couple of years ago, settling in for a long flight, I was immediately accosted by the irrepressible, relentlessly optimistic and pretty much irresistible Kevin McIntosh, who happens to run a world class engineering firm out of Ottawa called Baird Engineering (you should google them – it’s a very cool company). Kevin and I have become good friends, mutual advisors, and two bit connoisseurs (pretty much whatever they put in front of us). I recently invited him to raise the standards of my blog efforts and he graciously accepted. Here is his offering. - Geoff

One of the benefits of being at least partially crazy is a very positive outlook on just about everything. I just can't help it. However, life happens and sometimes it delivers intense sadness. In my case the recent passing of a good friend dating back to my university days (who died much too young) and the passing of an uncle at the age of 94 (who delivered nothing but optimism throughout his life) are cause to reflect, The loss of both delivered the entire gambit of feelings from great sadness to total comfort as family and friends reflected on their incredible lives. It also delivered the opportunity to refocus on just how fortunate we are, regardless of how positive we might be.

A few weeks before the passing of my friend, Paul, he and his family invited me to visit. It was a visit that I shall never forget. The incredible strength exhibited by all of them including Paul, his wife, and three children, is beyond my capacity to interpret. However, I was blessed to have had that opportunity. The purpose of telling you this is to emphasize the need to embrace every day and more important, every moment, that you have. I will never forget, as long as I live, the special moments that I had with him on that visit.

We have all heard the statements, 'you only get today once', 'time passes and you can't get it back' and so on. You all have your own versions. However, in our busy lives we routinely get wrapped up in our present challenges and forget to appreciate 'now' and just how fortunate we all are. Reflect right now, and often, so that it does not take some tragedy in your life to realize how lucky you are.

As Bruce Springsteen so eloquently put it: "Come on this train. People get ready. You don't need no ticket. You just get on board. Come on this train". That says it all. Please embrace your life, your role, your contribution, and your impact on others in everything you do, every day, and every moment. It is an awesome ride! "You only get one shot at every moment".

Kevin MacIntosh