Haiti. It’s Time to Help

Geoff Smith Portrait

BY Geoff Smith


Many of you will remember that, several years ago, when a devastating Tsunami hit Indonesia, Malaysia, and India, the people at EllisDon responded immediately. Within just a few days, we had pledged donations from around the company totaling over $40,000, which the company then matched, and which we quickly and carefully dispersed in order to ensure that every dollar went to aid those who needed it.

We have all seen this week the devastation in Haiti. It"s unspeakable. Surely, we need to act again, and in the least, repeat our past efforts, this time for the citizens of Haiti. I don"t have the answers, and am happy to get suggestions. But I understand that the federal government is willing to match all private donations. And EllisDon is willing to match every dollar donated by our employees. We will again strive to ensure that every dollar goes directly to Haitians in need.

Unarguably, we are all living very fortunate lives. Our goal is to get EllisDon"s total over $100,000 this time around so that with the government we can make a $200,000 difference. It will go a long way.

Thank you very much.