No-One Died on Sunday in Augusta

Geoff Smith Portrait

BY Geoff Smith


I sort of golf with a couple guys, when we can. One is my cousin, who has selflessly taught me the key fundamentals of a stupid game: six foot gimmes, guilt free mulligans, no single malt before noon (he always has a gallon of Caesars, somewhere). He also teaches Mike the proper emphasis of the key profanities. He is a great tutor, afflicted with stilted students.

I often debate with another great guy whether it’s impossible, given how great a country Canada is, that we aren’t already in heaven. Obviously there are challenges and heartbreak, but isn’t that necessary in order to give context to the colossal beauty and opportunity everywhere around us in this country? Graham gives me context. He adds to my happiness.

In that vein, I was pretty impressed with Rory McIroy’s recent colossal collapse at the Masters. While the world chattered, McIlroy gave the world’s classiest post game interview ever, then went to Haiti for two weeks to help with the relief effort. When asked later what he’d learned from his collapse, he said (and I paraphrase) ‘No-one died on Sunday in Augusta’.

Which brings me to Paul Charette, retired CEO of Bird Construction, fierce adversary of EllisDon, a guy who built a great career and company out of nothing but adversity. Paul is trying to rebuild a trade school in Haiti. The merit of this is obvious: The school needs to be replaced, the kids need to be taken off the street, the skills are needed to help rebuild their future and their country.

Paul is 70% there, but needs more money – about $300,000 more. The charity is Builders Without Borders. Please think for a few minutes about what an impact this school can have. Right now, in the future, for these kids, for the island. Many of us are living in a heaven that lacks only context to allow us to appreciate it. The pictures below provide that context. These people need help right now.

‘Builders Without Borders’. Send me (or Paul Charette at Bird Construction) a cheque for them and we will ensure you get a receipt and that your donation is put immediately to work. If your donation is big enough, my cousin will give you a golf lesson, profanities included.

Do it now. We have so much, but others need help, so that they can do it themselves. Thanks.