OK, I finally get it: We gotta get naked.

Geoff Smith Portrait

BY Geoff Smith


I have struggled for a long time with the notion of wide, free, open collaboration. Sure, it’s certain that any competitive advantage is temporary at best, but that brief period of time can be very lucrative, can’t it? And that time period may not be so brief if your competitors happen to be distracted. (Plus, I have likely read ‘The Art Of War’ a few too many times.)

But I have realized that if you want to take everything in, you need to give everything away. If you want to benefit from the global construction community, one revelation at a time, you have to be willing to help others as much as you can, openly, freely. If we all get better, and all are better, only good things can happen.

We are now taking every step we can to open up our website, to open up our experts and databanks, to make everything we have accessible to everyone, to invite everyone to come talk to us by offering to tell them everything we know.

It’s so obvious to me now, I can’t believe I was so stupid for so long.

Give us a call. Talk to us. Let’s have some fun. Let’s learn everything we can from each other. What say you?