The War For Talent Resumes?

Geoff Smith Portrait

BY Geoff Smith


If the recession is over (already?), then I guess that means the War for Talent is back on.

I’m not sure what other people are seeing out there – for us, the private sector is still pretty frozen – but certainly public sector capital spending is coming on like a freight train….and the baby boomers are moving inexorably toward retirement.

At EllisDon, we did the usual thing last autumn: We ‘reprioritized’ which is a polite way of saying that we started focussing on lowering overheads and expenditures. We also figured we were clever by trying to lay the strategic groundwork for coming out of the recession in mid 2010.

Now it looks like we might not get the luxury of that extra year. (Yeah, yeah, that’s a very good thing.) So we are back to focussing on creating EllisDon as the best possible place to work – especially, in the short term, in Ontario, where there are lots of opportunities right now.

So if you are a great Superintendent, Project Manager or Project Engineer, give us a call. Nobody has as an attractive a work culture or the growth prospects that we do.

OK: And yes, I do think it’s OK to sometimes use a blog for shameless self promotion. We have a lot of growing to do, we are ranked the Number One Company In Canada To Work For, and we need great builders. Come on over.