We're The Best Company to Work for in Canada

Geoff Smith Portrait

BY Geoff Smith


Last week, EllisDon was recognized – in confidential surveys among over hundreds of companies and many thousands of employees across the country – as the Best Company To Work For In Canada. Yeehaw! It’s a terrific honour (especially as it’s the second year in a row we have come first) and also very gratifying; everyone here works very hard.

Then you have to stop and think about it: What’s it really mean?

I think it simply means - more than anything else - that the people who work at EllisDon really like one another. Simple as that. And they expressed that mutual affection and respect when they filled out the survey. When you really enjoy the people you work with every day, when you can trust and rely on them, it makes coming to work each morning a pleasure. They gave this award to each other, up and down the line.

Secondly, it means that EllisDon people love what they do. These surveys measure how ‘engaged’ people are in their jobs and at EllisDon, virtually everyone is engaged. Really engaged.

And lastly, I think it means we have a lot of very generous people work here. No-one here is anywhere near perfect, lots of mistakes are made, but I think people recognize that everyone is doing their best, trying their hardest, and therefore they are willing to forgive the mistakes and keep going down the road together. As long as we are all imperfect together, I guess it’s OK.

A long time ago, I quit being a lawyer to work at a construction company. I can’t imagine spending my career anywhere else. There are no better people to work with, not anywhere on this globe.

So, to everyone who works here, on behalf of everyone else who works here: Thanks.