Wikinomics? In Construction? Get Your Speedo On.

Geoff Smith Portrait

BY Geoff Smith


We have been focusing on these concepts of ‘collaboration’ and ‘intellectual capital’ like a swimmer staring at a cold lake on a hot day. We want to jump in – we’ve got to……Just give me another minute.

OK, we’ve got our swim suit on now. This month, EllisDon has begun to offer ten different ‘intellectual capital’ consulting services to the broad construction industry. Construction is usually about bodies, we are planning to make it about our brains, our experience, our systems. We don’t want to be limited to merely building buildings anymore, instead we are offering to help anyone involved in the building process – clients, contractors, subcontractors, lenders – to ensure their success, get them to another level, become more efficient, make more money.

But we also want to open all this up. We are going to create an on-line construction community forum called eConstruction, where anyone can go to share and create new ideas, methods, products. This will of course be entirely open, and of no competitive benefit to the people at EllisDon unless we contribute and make more effective use of all this openness and sharing than anyone else. Is the construction industry ready for all this? I guess we are about to find out. How do you look in a Speedo?

I have no idea where this will lead. Maybe off in all directions at once; maybe sitting impatiently, staring at a mute screen, waiting for someone who wants to talk to us.

Because that’s our key goal: To talk, to build relationships, opportunities, and knowledge with as many people in as many different places as we can. To put everything on the table, and see what we can build together.

Here’s the place: http://construction-consulting-services/ (http://construction-consulting-services/

Here’s the intellectual capital: Engineering/R&D, Equity Services, Sustainability, Project Management, Best Practices, Human Resources, Insurance, EdgeBuilder NextGen, Project Analysis & Delivery, Loss Recovery, Communications Technology.