Jun 30, 2020

Anti-Black Racism: What we are doing to help

Based on the recent racist hate crimes that have occurred on our job sites, we want to share what we're doing right now to help:  

  • We are giving our full support to the police investigation to ensure we can hold the perpetrators accountable. We are committing every resource we can muster to identify the guilty individual, or individuals, and ensure they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • For certain cases, we have hired Rubin Thomlinson to conduct a full and independent investigation which they have already begun. As part of their investigation, we have asked them to provide us with recommendations on additional steps we can take to support our employees and address anti-Black racism.
  • To support our employees in the immediate-term, we have an Employee Assistance Program available to provide immediate mental health support and guidance. We have also engaged Sourceline, clinical experts that assist individuals and families in cases of trauma, to work with the employees and their families directly involved.
  • We understand how incredibly important it is to hear directly from our employees to make improvements that are responsive to their needs and concerns. We are in close contact with our employees through the development of our Anti-Black racism committee and will continue to communicate openly and transparently with them to find ways we can make our job sites even safer for people of colour.
  • We have on-going stand-downs and toolbox talks at site level to condemn hateful action and offer support.
  • We've appointed a Head of Inclusive Diversity on our People and Culture team. 


We strongly condemn all acts of racism and we stand by our Black employees and local community members.