Abraham Lake Slope Stabilization

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    Alberta Transportation

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The Story

The site was located on the David Thompson Highway (Hwy 11) along the west side of Abraham Lake – a reservoir created by the Bighorn Dam on the headwaters of the North Saskatchewan River in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.

PME Inc. was contracted to complete the bank stabilization & restoration of the highway as the road embankment had been previously temporarily repaired and was now failing. This entailed the work to be completed when the dam had cycled the reservoir water to be at its lowest point. PME built accesses to remove unsuitable material and haul in granular fill and armouring rock. As the bank stabilization was a concern, the project methodology was to complete 20m section of key trench and bank build up, prior to moving along the bank.

PME Scope

⋅ Subdrain
⋅ 16,000 m3 Excavation
⋅ 31,000 m3 of Rock Fill
⋅ 6,200 m3 of Class II Rip Rap
⋅ Topsoil Reclamation