Alberta Clipper Extension Phase II

  • Client

    Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

  • Region

    Edmonton, AB

  • City

    Alberta to Manitoba

  • Year Completed


The Story

The Alberta Clipper Pipeline represents a major contribution for the industrial realm. Otherwise known as Line 67, the Canadian end of this pipeline transports crude oil from the Hardisty Terminal in Alberta to the Gretna Station in southern Manitoba. Currently, the Alberta Clipper Pipeline is able to transport 450,000 barrels-per-day (bpd). Backed by the support of the National Energy Board (NEB), this project will extend that capacity to 570,000 bpd to meet heightened client demands.

The scope of work included– via a full turnkey solution– four pipeline pumping stations across southern Saskatchewan. We coordinated initial site stripping, surveying, pile-driving, concrete foundations, mainline pump installation, piping, electrical and instrumentation work, and final site-grading.

This intricate project presented challenges due to the remote work areas and extreme weather conditions. We also needed to work next to operational systems, within confined workspaces, and alongside multiple trades. Project success required diligent planning and execution and, given the adverse conditions, we made strict adherence to the project's health and safety plan a top priority.