Centre of Curiosity

  • Client

    Miral Asset Management L.L.C.

  • City

    Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Year Completed


  • Size

    160, 016 sq. ft.

  • Sector


  • Sub-Sector

    Culture & Recreation

The Story

The Centre of Curiosity project involves the construction of an exciting, fully immersive leisure and educational experience destination. The project is located within the Saadiyat Cultural District, where the creation of world-class
cultural facilities and education amenities promotes innovation in the arts for tourists and residents. The project benefits from the presence of an extended waterfront promenade and a pedestrian connection to the urban surrounds.

The architecture was inspired by organic natural elements. The internal and external atmosphere of massing was shaped to be seamless, fluid, and organic, similar to nature itself. A smooth aesthetic transition between the external and interior environments creates an airy ambience that is maintained all the way up to the walkable landscaped roof area.

Inside, the mix of digital, physical, and sensory experiences, will engage people of all ages and abilities, taking them on a memorable journey through a series of different playful phenomena. Children are encouraged to expand their sense of discovery while exploring the various multi-sensory experiences developed around the idea of water, sand, clouds, wind, butterflies, birds, and other natural elements. By using non-material digital technologies such as light, sound and images, nature is turned into living art.