Chrysler Assembly Plant

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  • Client

    Chrysler Canada Ltd

  • City


  • Budget

    $424 Million

  • Year Completed


  • Size

    2,500,000 sq. ft.

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  • Sub-Sector


The Story

This project included the construction of a new 2,500,000 square foot manufacturing plant and office building. The entire project was completed in less than 30 months.

This was a turn-key project which included:
• Building the main assembly plant and associated structures such as the electrical building and tank farm.
• Installation and commissioning of all mechanical and electrical systems.
• Installation and commissioning of all process equipment such as robotic welders, conveyors, paint mix equipment, dip tanks, paint booths and ovens.

The mechanical, electrical and process portion of the contract accounted for approximately 35% of the total project cost. The electrical systems were powered by two main feeds from two separate substations. At any one time,
one feed was on line and the other on standby. Two emergency diesel generators were also located in the main switchgear building. The fire protection systems were particularly sophisticated and consisted of the following:
• In the paint mix area and computer rooms, a halon system was installed which was discharged either manually or automatically when Fenwich rate of rise detectors were tripped.
• A pre-action system was installed in the loading docks and other areas subjected to cold air.

Throughout the main building a wet system was installed, incorporating electric jockey pumps. If water drops below 85 psi, additional electric and diesel pumps start up.

Two, one-million gallon water storage tanks adjacent to the pump house supply water for the pumps and supplement water from the city mains.

The power house includes six Ingersoll-Rand compressors (two high pressure, two medium pressure and two low pressure) and a pumping and chemical treatment plant for neutralizing sludge produced from the paint shop.