Digital Realty TOR1 Phase II - Computer Room 15

  • Client

    Moose Ventures LP, a Delaware Limited Partnership

  • Region

    Central Canada

  • City

    Woodbridge, ON

  • Budget


  • Year Completed


  • Size

    51,000 sq. ft.

  • Sector


  • Sub-Sector

    Data Centers

Project Description

The TOR Phase II - Computer Room 15 A/B project involves the fit-out of two computer room suites for a combined IT design load of four megawatts. The suite electrical distribution utilizes a 3/2 (three to make two) distributed redundant topology, to balance the load across three capacity blocks.

From the existing 27.6kV gas-insultated switchgears (installed during Computer Room 17), underground duct banks were installed to indoor, sectionalized switchgears for loop connection to Computer Room 15 A/B suite distribution. The suites are served by three loop-fed 3000/3990kVa dry-type transformers, each feeding a capacity block. Each block included two 1000kW/kVA Uninterruptible Power Supplies (“UPS”) systems in parallel to deliver 480 volts, three phase to Power Distribution Units (“PDU”). Each capacity block is connected to a dedicated, standby-rated 3000kW/3750kVa Generator located in walk-in enclosures, designed and installed for closed transition and parallel to utility for 100ms maximum.

Mechanical cooling is provided by Computer Room Air Conditioners (“CRAC”) units in an N+2 capacity with free cooling option included, and two packaged Roof Top Units (“RTU”) serving as Make-Up Air Unit (“MUA”) for each of the Computer and infrastructure rooms.