Digital Realty TOR1 - Phase II, Demolition

  • Client

    Moose Ventures LP, a Delaware Limited Partnership

  • Region

    Central Canada

  • City

    Woodbridge, ON

  • Budget


  • Year Completed


  • Size

    264,000 sq. ft.

  • Sector


  • Sub-Sector

    Data Centers

Project Description

The Digital Realty TOR1 - Phase II, Demolition project involved the demolition of legacy Toronto Star equipment, its associated mechanical and electrical services, as well as a structural access catwalk mezzanine and one floor slab. In some areas, interior partitions, base building systems and washrooms were also removed to make space for future build-out of computer and infrastructure rooms. New washrooms will be constructed, as required by code, in future fit out projects. The demolition area was hoarded off and made safe from the operating portion of the building during this project. Demolition of legacy printing equipment was limited to the removal of de-commissioned machinery and associated mechanical and electrical systems. Base building mechanical and electrical services mostly remained intact as the building continued to be functional during the demolition project.

Structural demolition was limited to one room in the building and consisted of the removal of a floor slab at ground level and a structural access mezzanine, both used previously to access printing and associated equipment. The ground level slab was steel construction with a concrete floor. The demolition scope was limited to the slab and its structure and support columns.

Further to the ground floor slab removal, a penthouse-level structural access catwalk was also removed. The catwalk was constructed of structural steel, sheet metal and steel deck flooring. The catwalk was suspended from the base
building roof steel and was laterally supported via attachment to the base building steel columns. The base building steel structure, walls and roof will remain in situ.