Edmonton International Airport Combined Office Tower

  • Client

    Edmonton International Airport Authority 

  • Region

    Edmonton, AB

  • City


  • Budget

    $90 Million

  • Year Completed


  • Size

    130,000 sq. ft.

The Story

The goal of this project was to provide improved airside ground operations, expanded retail service, the creation of a central baggage area and the replacement and expansion of a new airside office and air traffic control tower. This project also includes a 5,479 square foot office that will meet law enforcement requirements and exhibit space for the RCMP within the terminal’s secure area.



The exterior envelope consists mainly of zinc panels and triple glazed strip windows. Each section of zinc paneling is uniquely molded to permit downward viewing angles and reduce solar gain. The building skin was designed to give visiting passengers a unique and lasting impression of Edmonton when entering and leaving the city. The new tower also mimics the unimpeded winds, prairie fields and distinct seasons that dominate the capital region.