Festival Hydro Battery Energy Storage Facility

Festival Hydro Battery Energy Storage inside picture

  • Client

    Hecate Engery

  • Region

    London, ON

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  • Size

    13,000 sq. ft.

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The Story

The Festival Hydro Battery Storage Project (Energy Storage System) is contracted with the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) as part of IESO’s long-term energy plan to provide key ancillary services including reactive support, voltage control, and peaking power to the grid through energy storage technologies.
With a usable capacity of 40.8MWh, it is the largest utility connected battery energy storage project in Canada. It included 300 Powin Energy Stack140 systems housed inside a newly constructed, purpose-built warehouse and connected to inverters from Eaton. EllisDon broke ground on the building in mid-July, with work on the battery array beginning in late August. Final connection and commissioning was completed in February 2018.


• The battery cell arrays provide a storage capacity of 8.8 MW/ 40.8MWH, which can supply more than 10,000 homes with electricity for 1 hour;
• Allows for flexible energy storage and draws at peak and non-peak times, as it stores energy in a similar manner to a cell-phone battery;
• Will relieve demand on Festival Hydro’s central generation system during peak hours; and
• Relies less on the central generating system allows for higher voltage stability.