Galt District Energy System

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    Envida Community Energy

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    London, ON

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The Story

The Galt District Energy System (GDES) project is a phased District Energy System. Phase 1 consisted of building a district energy plant within the Sleeman Centre, which is located downtown Guelph. EllisDon managed the subtrades to completion of the plant including integration the Sleeman centre to be the first customer on the District Loop. Phase II consisted of the pre-insulated underground piping from the Sleeman Centre to the 2nd customer on the District Loop (Tricar, River Mill).

Phase 2 consists of installing the pre-insulated underground piping from the Sleeman Centre to the, soon to be completed, Tricar II building. Phase III (also scheduled for this season) continues the Phase II piping to service two additional clients, installs energy transfer stations for each client and commissions the system prior to the heating season in 2015.

Currently, the energy required to heat and cool homes and buildings accounts for about half of Guelph’s total energy usage. This contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. With the GDES, Guelph plans to significantly reduce the number of emissions released into the environment. GDES is based on European systems that have been in operation for decades. The Client has acquired consultation from a consulting firm in Denmark.

The project requires approximately 8 foot wide trenches along two main streets in downtown Guelph, including in front of Guelph’s transit station, hockey arena and performing arts centre. Envida and EllisDon are working with the community to ensure that there is minimal disturbances to the surrounding residences and businesses.


• Installing pre-insulated ground piping from the Sleeman Centre to the Tricar II building.
• Guelph plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the Galt District Energy System project.
• Based on European systems.