General Motors West Paint Shop

GM paint shop image

  • Client

    General Motors of Canada

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  • Size

    1,500,000 sf (139,350 sm)

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The Story

General Motors of Canada (GM) upgraded the passenger car production plants 1 & 2 with the addition of a new, state-of-the-art paint shop. Located on the west side of Stevenson Road, across the street from the existing plant, the new West Paint Shop is linked to the existing plant with a 1,500 ft. long overhead conveyor trestle with a total of eight conveyor lanes distributed over two levels. IBI Group background in automotive facilities has been instrumental in securing the required variances for sprinkler protection of the structure in lieu of sprayed fireproofing and the use of a timed exit analysis for exiting purposes. Without obtaining these variances, a plant of this size could not be built within the constraints of the building code. IBI Group has also provided cost-effective solutions for the building structural framing, floor slab designs, and electrical distribution system. Main process piping was routed in pre-fabricated pipe racks, complete with piping in modular form to reduce the installation time and cost. Other value engineering ideas included the optimization of the siding design to provide the lowest cost assembly, yet meet the client's criteria for cladding and the incorporation of a parapet.

The paint shop houses two phosphate/ELPO dip systems, two powder coat PRIME booths and five colour booths (base coat and clear coat). The building consists of four levels with the air handling equipment on the 58’ level, oven heater boxes on the 40 ft. level, operating floor on the 16’ level and the service level on the ground floor. The size of the building has presented some unique challenges for fire protection and exiting requirements. IBI Group worked closely with the City of Oshawa to provide all the documentation required to satisfy code requirements and a phase release of building permits to maintain the construction schedule.