Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant

  • Client

    Corporation of the City of Windsor

  • Region

    London, ON

  • City


  • Year Completed


  • Size

    2,000,000 sq.ft.

  • Sector


  • Sub-Sector

    Water & Wastewater

The Story

The Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant is located on an 18.6-hectare (46-acre) site on the southeast corner of Ojibway Park and Sandwich Street, with another 12.1 hectares (30 acres) located across the street, containing an ultimate plant capacity of 273,000 meters cubed per day. The project involved the construction of a primary effluent station, including four screw pumps, and a biological aeration filtration secondary treatment process consisting of sixteen reinforced concrete filter cells, two reinforced concrete backwash water storage tanks, and one reinforced concrete backwash water supply tank. A new diesel generator building was constructed, which now houses two new diesel generators. Utility services included a high voltage power supply with related process, mechanical, and electrical works.

The facility utilizes UV Disinfection technology, which eliminates water-borne pathogens without using chlorine. This allows the building to meet stricter environmental protection standards, as the facility does not release any toxic chemicals, leak any chlorine gas into the community or endanger any plant staff members. The use of UV Disinfection technology also allows the facility to save money.