Masonville Place, Strauss II Renovations

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  • Client

    The Cadillac Fairview Corporation

  • City


  • Budget

    $21.7 Million

  • Year Completed


  • Size

    155,000 sq.ft

  • Sector


  • Sub-Sector


The Story

Cadillac Fairview’s Masonville Place revitalization has enhanced visitors’ shopping experience through improved accessibility and luxe finishes, including imported floor tile and lavish landscaping. To facilitate this work, demolition of existing interior retails spaces and the removal of hazardous materials was required. With these improvements, CF Masonville Place has attracted premium retailers and has established itself as a leading fashion destination in Southwestern Ontario.


• Total improvement of building envelope, including a new roof and thermal insulation;
• New energy efficient LED fixtures, HVAC units and skylights;
• Re-purpose of anchor tenants’ space for new high end retailers;
• All work was completed inside the existing building’s footprint;
• Upgrades Masonville Place to current metropolitan shopping centers;
• Improved vertical transportation with 2 new escalators and 4 elevators; and
• Coordination of tenant lease requirements with landlord obligations.