Massey Hall Revitalization

  • Client

    The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

  • Region

    Central Canada

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  • Sub-Sector

    Culture & Recreation

The Story

Completed in June of 2014, the project was meant to provide the facility with the basic amenities that it had been lacking for the entirety of its 120 years. Since it was originally meant to be a concert hall only, Massey Hall lacked the backstage, storage and stage-wings that it required. Other additions included elevators, a loading dock, and significant improvements to its dressing rooms, washrooms, office space, and patron amenities. Having roads on three sides of the building, there was little that they could do, but a 450 square metre piece of property was gifted to the Hall and allowed them to pursue the project. EllisDon was hired to conduct the early works of this project, Phase B and additional demolition.