Outfall 51 Rehabilitation

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The Story

A condition assessment of Outfall 51 was completed in October 2017 and found that the outfall structure is currently submerged under the river sediment. The outfall pipe is severely deteriorated and beyond the repair. The following activities need to be completed:
1. Divert the flow from manhole 243715 (upstream of Outfall 51) to manhole 244432 that flows to Outfall 50. (98 Ave and 97 St).
2. Divert flow from the combined sewer overflow pipe at manhole 316018 to manhole 243786 that flows to Outfall 50. (South 98 Ave and 96 A St).
3. Divert flow from MH-003 to the perched manhole that will be installed on top of the 1050 mm diameter storm line that flows to Outfall 50.
4. Abandon in place the 600 mm 300 m long pipe and fill it with fillcrete and secure the area around Outfall 51. (98 Ave & 97 St to 96 A St)

PME Scope

⋅ Traffic Accommodation Plan and Implementations.
⋅ Asphalt and concrete removal and disposal.
⋅ Supply and install new storm pipe while maintaining continuous flow of the existing storm system.
⋅ Construction of manholes, abandonment of existing manholes and sewer system infrastructure.
⋅ Reconnection of CB Leads to the new Storm lines.
⋅ Permanent abandonment of the existing sewers and manholes
⋅ Surface and Landscaping Restoration (roadways, curb and gutter, sidewalks, trails, turf, etc.)
⋅ Extensive utility locating, relocations if required, and protections of existing utilities.