Polycon Industries Combined Heat and Power Plant

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The Story

This project consists of the installation, commissioning and testing of a new 8.0 MWe natural gas fired co-generation system that will serve electrical and heating loads for Polycon Industries. The contractor will serve as the Mechanical Contractor. They will have sole-source responsibility for the entire project scope, including the supervision and hiring of any subcontractor that is required to complete the work.

With the exception of the equipment furnished by the owner, EllisDon must make all of the systems complete and operative, even if every item is not specifically mentioned or specified. The drawings take precedence in case of any discrepancies between the specifications and drawings.

The containerized Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems will be purchased by the Owner, delivered by the Owner’s CHP supplier to the site by truck, and offloaded by the owner’s CHP supplier onto concrete foundations located on the northeast corner of the Polycon property.

The Owner’s CHP supplier is responsible for erecting and assembling the CHP systems, which contains up to mechanical interconnection points at each package: natural gas inlet to the engines, hot water/glycol supply from the engine cooling loop, hot water/glycol return to the engine cooling loop, steam output from the HRSDs, feedwater inlet to the HRSGs and blowdown outlet from the HRSGs. EllisDon was asked to step in with Construction Management guidance on this highly political project with high risk.

Magna Polycon was coordinating the design with the design consultant, CEM, and was having difficulty maintaining the scope, budget and schedule. EllisDon has identified several errors and scope gaps, completed a budget review, and provided a recovery schedule that identifies the critical path items along with the speed of installations. The subcontractors will need to coordinate and develop a streamline process in order to maintain the schedule. EllisDon will need to coordinate with Polycon throughout the project to avoid unnecessary delays due to production.