SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

  • Client

    Miral Asset Management L.L.C.

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  • City

    Abu Dhabi, UAE

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  • Sub-Sector

    Culture & Recreation

The Story

A whole new world of marine life comes into focus as you dive into the deep blue sea, making it crystal clear that ‘We are all connected to the ocean, and the ocean connects us all.’ At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, visitors enjoy an engaging and educational journey that tells a unified ‘One Ocean’ story based on the interconnectivity between all life on earth and our oceans.

The custom-built 183,000 sqm facility features over 68,000 marine animals in the world’s largest aquarium, along with six different realms that showcase the complexity, interconnectivity and beauty of life under the sea. The first SeaWorld theme park outside North America, will also be home to a Research and Rescue Center, where experts come together to push the boundaries of marine research and conservation.