Talbot Dams Rehabilitation - Kirkfield

Dam picture (sky angle)

  • Client

    Public Works & Government Services Canada

  • Region

    Central Canada

  • City

    Kawartha Lakes

  • Budget

    $56 Million

  • Year Completed


  • Size


  • Sector


  • Sub-Sector

    Water & Wastewater

The Story

As part of a joint venture, EllisDon completed the Talbot Dams Rehabilitation - Kirkfield Bundle (“TDKB”) project for Public Works and Government Services Canada (“PWGSC”). The project consisted of the replacement and rehabilitation of locks and dams located on the Talbot River. The scope of work at each site included elements of concrete structure removal and repair/replacement. Between the lock and dam structures, gabion baskets and rip-rap were removed and replaced to shore up the canal walls and prevent further erosion. Temporary works, such as cofferdams and dewatering infrastructure, were employed in phases at each site. Landscaping work was also completed to restore each site. The project sites and their respective scopes of work included:

Dam at Lock 39 – Portage (Talbot Dam): Full removal and replacement of the Talbot Dam. As the existing dam was being replaced in kind, a multi-phased cofferdam strategy was implemented. This allowed for half of the dam to be removed, reconstructed, and tied in before the cofferdam was then “flipped” to complete the second half.

Talbot Earth Dams: Rehabilitation of the existing perched canal embankment by extending/raising/replacing embedded sheet pile cut-off walls and the rehabilitation/modification of the dry and wet side slopes to establish the crest elevation from the Talbot River to Lock 39 to an updated design flood level with 0.3 m of freeboard.

Concrete Repair Works at Locks 39, 40 and 41: Complete repairs to Locks 39, 40 and 41 to allow for safe operation and public usage of the facilities. Full replacement of certain concrete lock sections was completed where required. The majority of the work was constructed during winter due to restrictions regarding work allowed during the navigation period of the Trent-Severn Waterway.

Dam at Lock 38 – Talbot: In addition to the work above, the team was issued a second contract to provide construction administration services for the Dam at Lock 38 – Talbot, which included full removal and replacement of the existing dam.