Talbot Dams Rehabilitation - Kirkfield

Dam picture (sky angle)

  • Client

    Public Works & Government Services Canada

  • Region

    Ottawa, ON

  • City

    Kawartha Lakes

  • Budget

    $50 Million

  • Year Completed


  • Size


  • Sector


  • Sub-Sector

    Water & Wastewater

The Story

The construction scope of work included concrete structure removal and repair, pouring of new concrete, rebar work, earthworks for canal walls (removing havion baskets, replacing rip-rap, earth moving and shaping, etc), landscaping, and temporary works (coffer dams, dewatering).

Work was completed both in-water and on land. Key issues included potential Species at Risk impacts, and the fact that the project sites are national historic sites. Environmental monitoring was conducted prior to project start to analyze any potential impacts to Species at Risk. Construction was staged to build one sluice of the new Talbot Dam at a time, ensuring continuous water flow for fish spawning.

There was also a requirement for relationship management with aboriginal communities (Rama).

The Project was comprised of four sites, A-D, all of which are natural historic sites. The work was completed by the end of November 2019.
Site A: Dam at Lock 38 - Talbot, Severn Waterway
Site B: Dam at Lock 39 - Portage (Tabolt Dam)
Site C: Talbot Earth Dams and Culvert
Site D: Concrete repair work at Locks 37-43