A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Mathison Hall

Our Virtual, Design and Construction (VDC) team has been hard at work over at Mathison Hall, a full BIM/FM Model Deliverable project at the University of Calgary.

For this project, BIM construction modelling and As-Building are being carried through to Facilities Management asset tracking and will be handed over to the client at the completion of the project so that they can manage their assets and equipment. To make this a reality, our VDC team will have over 300 pieces of mechanical and electrical equipment tagged and barcoded in the field. These tagged pieces of equipment will mirror a digital copy maintained in a 3D model of the building, which will then be integrated into the client’s Facilities Asset management software, Archibus.

Together with the 3D model, the asset data of the tagged equipment will be populated into the Facilities Asset Data Tracking Tables. The Facilities Asset Data Tracking Tables make it possible for the 3D Revit Models to not be populated in advance with all the required equipment data, while still providing all the necessary information required to the 3D asset in the Archibus environment.