Canadian Environment Week: Celebrating our Wildlife Bridge Project

We're excited to join millions of Canadians in celebrating Canadian Environment Week and taking action to protect the environment and the places we love in our local communities. At EllisDon, we're committed to creating positive impacts on the communities in which we work, whether it be through the materials we use, the projects we deliver or the internal practices we enlist. Whether it be through the materials we use to the internal practices we enlist.

PME, a civil division of the EllisDon group of companies, has completed a wildlife overpass in the Bow Valley area near Banff National Park. This overpass provides an alternative pathway for wildlife to access vital resources such as food, water, and mates, while also reducing the chances of collisions with vehicles and improving safety for both drivers and animals. It is the first wildlife overpass built outside of Banff National Park and includes 12 kilometres of wildlife fencing.

Projects like these remind our team of our dedication to our environment and the strides we continue to make to conserve and protect Canada's natural environment.

Read more about this project – and others – in our Impact Report here.