EllisDon Embarks on Transformative Warden Station Redevelopment Project

We are delighted to announce that EllisDon has been selected to lead the prestigious Warden Station redevelopment project.

The Warden Station redevelopment is not just another construction project; it's a key component of a comprehensive urban revitalization plan that will breathe new life into the Warden and St. Clair Ave area. When this project is complete, it will introduce a state-of-the-art Transit Hub, CreateTO mixed-income housing, and vibrant public spaces around Taylor Massey Creek.

Warden Station, a central transfer point on Line 2, has been a vital part of Toronto's transit network since the 1960s. This redevelopment is poised to bring about significant positive changes by making the station fully accessible, streamlining passenger access, and optimizing property usage.

The project will unfold systematically, commencing with the establishment of a new accessible entrance that includes elevators linking the entrance, concourse, and subway platform levels. Subsequently, the existing bus terminal will be replaced with a modern, accessible version seamlessly integrated into the existing station. It is essential to note that the station will remain operational throughout the redevelopment, ensuring minimal disruption to commuters.

EllisDon is committed to the success of this project, and we are excited to contribute to the positive changes it will bring to Toronto's transit landscape.

Photo credit: Strasman Architects