EllisDon Employee helps to rescue senior citizens in Edmonton building fire

On the evening of May 6th, residents at a north St. Alberts seniors’ complex awoke to a terrifying scene as the walls around them had caught ablaze. Good Samaritans, fire crews police and staff immediately jumped into action and worked tirelessly to assist more than 200 seniors to evacuate the complex and get to safety.One of these Good Samaritans was none other than Maksym Kadziela, Project Coordinator with EllisDon, who was out walking with his partner that evening when they noticed a large amount of smoke in the air and rushed over to investigate and see how they could help.

“Witnessing the terror and sadness firsthand was devastating and heartbreaking – it truly goes to show how vulnerable our elderly are. We didn't have to think about it. We just knew we needed to help,” said Kadziela.Maks and his partner then helped transport seniors out of the home as the fire continued to rage around them. The next morning, despite the long and tiring night, Maks still showed up to his 4:00 AM bridge deck inspection without a hitch.EllisDon would like to take a moment to applaud Maks and his partner for their bravery and selflessness. Maks defines what it means to be an EllisDon employee – not only does he uphold our values to the fullest extent, but he shows us what it looks like to be a good neighbour!