EllisDon Partners With Elladj Baldé to Bring Skating Rink to Underserved Calgary Community

For the last two years the COVID-19 pandemic has had an immense impact on the lives of many, placing enormous budget pressure on local governments and has resulted in cuts to important community amenities like the Temple Community Skating Rink, located in Calgary, Alberta. The loss of funding meant that the underserved community of Temple was no longer able to make the much-needed renovations to their outdoor skating rink.

With this in mind, EllisDon partnered with Elladj Baldé, former Canadian professional figure skater and TikTok star, as well as his new non-for-profit, Skate Global Foundation, to repair the Temple Community Skating Rink. EllisDon Calgary's Special Projects team donated the labour and supplies required to make the necessary improvements to the rink.

Set to officially open to the public on December 17th, we hope this skating rink will promote inclusion and bring the families, friends, and community of Temple together.