EllisDon Rides for Heart and Stroke Research

Last week, EllisDon's Toronto office participated in the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Big Bike event, raising over $8,000 toward research initiatives.This was EllisDon's fourth consecutive bike ride, bringing the four-year total to over $25,000. Heart disease and strokes affect many directly and indirectly, making it important cause for EllisDon."This bike ride was especially important to me because I recently lost my 94 year-old grandfather to a heart attack about a month ago. Nobody knew it, but I rode the Big Bike with a very heavy heart and a lot of sadness inside me," said Shane Rehman, of EllisDon. "Fortunately, I had an amazing team surrounding me which made this year's ride the most memorable one yet."To learn more about the annual Big Bike ride, click HERE.