EllisDon’s Craig Enns and Daniel Murphy Participate in Covenant House Vancouver’s Sleep Out: Executive Edition

Craig Enns, Senior Vice President and Area Manager, EllisDon, and Daniel Murphy, Vice President, Preconstruction, EllisDon, participated in Covenant House Vancouver’s annual Sleep Out: Executive Edition.

The Covenant House’s Sleep Out event is held annually in support of young people facing homelessness. Funds raised by the Sleep Out are put towards the organization’s Crisis Program, which provides at-risk youth safe and supported housing, as well as food, clothing, and hygiene supplies. The program also offers employment and educational support as well as access to registered clinical counselors, social workers and assistance with the transition to independence when a youth is ready.

“It was cold, uncomfortable, and I spent the whole weekend trying to catch up on sleep. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I likely only got two-to-three hours of shut-eye, so attempting to work on Friday or parent this weekend was not easy — this was the point; I was able to go home and nap, whereas the youth we're trying to help have to endure this without end, while still being expected to go to school or get a job. I couldn't imagine trying to focus during an interview or at school after that kind of night,” said Enns.

Craig and Daniel were joined by many others who elected to give up their beds for a night in support of this tremendous cause, raising over one million dollars in total and exceeding the Covenant House’s fundraising goal.

“It really helped to put some perspective on what youth facing homelessness must go through both physically and mentally,” said Murphy. “I hope this initiative helps shed more light on a complicated problem that seems to be worsening by the year. I don't pretend to know the answer to solving homelessness but do believe that putting yourself in another person's shoes (somewhat) for a night is probably a good start to understanding their challenges.”

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