EllisDon Set to Complete Second Pilot Project Under Carbon Impact Initiative and the First to Target Carbon Neutral Design

Mississauga, ON, February 23, 2017— On Wednesday March 1, EllisDon will begin redevelopment of the historic kiln building at Evergreen Brick Works. Conversion of the 53,000-square-foot, Building 16, will create a year-round hub for thought leaders and citizen city builders to collaborate in building sustainable cities; and, will provide an opportunity to test and drive change for future low carbon cities across the country. Under EllisDon’s Carbon Impact Initiative, launched in June 2016, this will be the second official pilot project as well as the first in Canada to target a carbon neutral design. This project offers a unique opportunity to catalyze more action in advancing sustainable cities by incorporating renewable energy technologies such as solar panels, geo-exchange systems and green construction practices, while preserving the heritage kilns and other features.Green design modifications will include low temperature radiant floor heating; high performance glazing combined with a chilled floor and natural ventilation; solar panel and ground source pump systems; flooring and landscape design for flood management; and, an enclosure on the west elevation which will address temperature control making the building viable for year-round events.

Photo by Tom Arban

“At EllisDon, we are thrilled to have Evergreen Brick Works' Future Cities Centre as a second official pilot under our Carbon Impact Initiative. This project is important, not only for its historical significance, but because it has a carbon neutral target. By incorporating social, economic, and environmental principles within this heritage landmark, Evergreen's leadership is showcasing a new direction for integrated building use and sustainable design,” said Andrew Bowerbank, Global Director, Sustainable Building Services, EllisDon. Evergreen, a national not-for-profit, presently operates the former Don Valley Brick Works complex as a living lab for sustainability. It contains 16 historically significant buildings, with a collection of brick-making machines and structures that contribute to this historic industrial landscape. The site is host to interactive workshops and community festivals, along with regular visitor programming focusing on ecology, design, technology and the arts.

Photo by Tom Arban

This heritage property is included in the City of Toronto’s Inventory of Heritage Properties and is designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. A Heritage Impact Assessment for Building 16 has been approved by the City Council.“Our partnership with industry leader EllisDon is an exciting opportunity to make a positive contribution to the low carbon economy and demonstrate true leadership in innovative sustainable building,” said Geoff Cape, Evergreen CEO. “The project will dramatically reduce carbon output during construction and operation and further establish Evergreen as a place where citizens and private sectors can collaborate to create flourishing cities of the future.”The two-phase process begins March 1, 2017 in the south section and will reopen March 31, 2017, when construction shifts