EllisDon shortlisted to build Gordie Howe bridge project

Jan. 21, 2016 — EllisDon's Civil division continues to prove why it's considered a leader in the market. We were recently named on a shortlist of three contractors to construct the Gordie Howe International Bridge project in Windsor, ON. "With the short-listed respondents named, WDBA is pleased to have concluded the first stage in the public-private partnership procurement process," said Michael Cautillo, CEO for the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority, the federal agency assigned to oversee construction of the bridge project.The new Detroit River crossing project includes plazas on both sides of the border and new feeder road to connect with I-75 in Detroit. The Howe bridge is scheduled to open in 2020.A $50-million "early works" project to prep the site on the Windsor side started this past summer, while property acquisition is in full swing on the Detroit side.The construction phase is projected to last 42 months. The Howe bridge project was originally estimated to cost US$2.1 billion, but that has jumped to possibly over C$4 billion due to severe decline in the value of the Canadian dollar.With files from the Windsor Star. Read the full article HERE