EllisDon Unveils 'Building Digital': Pioneering the Future of Construction Technology for Customers

Mississauga, ON, April 25, 2024 — EllisDon is proud to announce the launch of a new sub-brand, Building Digital, which will offer a range of tailored technology services and products to the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. This team’s mission is to help the AEC industry realize its fullest technological potential, empowering others with the tools and expertise they need to adopt new technology with less risk and more reliability.

The Building Digital team will be stepping out from EllisDon’s 200+ Digital & Data Engineering Division, which has grown considerably over the last twenty years, after self-performing EllisDon’s software development, network engineering, SaaS operations, cybersecurity, data analytics, and more. 

“It's very exciting to finally launch Building Digital out into the world,” says Brandon Milner, Senior Vice President of EllisDon Digital & Data Engineering, “There is a significant gap between what today’s technology is capable of and what is being deployed, both in the field and at the enterprise level. The Building Digital team has a mandate to connect industry professionals with practical solutions, to help others ride the wave of new technology.”

Starting today, Building Digital is offering Tech Consulting Services for AEC clients, with focuses on Enterprise Software Optimization, Data Infrastructure Development, Cybersecurity, and the Application of VDC/Digital Assets. 

Additionally, there are several Building Digital tech products in development, the first two of which will launch this coming Fall.

“This is not a new team,” says Daniel Meissner, Director, Growth & Strategic Partnerships. “Our experience servicing EllisDon operational all across Canada has provided us with front-row seats to the very real hurdles holding our industry back from using technology to its fullest potential.” 

In addition to offering products and services, Building Digital is also dedicated to collaborating with other like-minded groups working to promote practical technology adoption in our industry. 

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