From Ballet Slippers to Hard Hats

Construction and ballet, while they might seem worlds apart, Cara Grant, Director of Project Management at EllisDon found her calling in both. As a former student of Canada’s National Ballet Company, Cara’s love for ballet began at an early age which kick-started her career as a dancer. While she experienced many successes, Cara wanted to explore other interests and avenues, one of them being, ‘how are things built’, which led her to EllisDon.Known for its student-centred teaching style, Canada’s National Ballet Company is a place that encourages students to be curious about other things in life and develop their own art. As a result, Cara was able to do just that and pursue her passion for construction.EllisDon is proud to provide an environment where all unique individuals from diverse backgrounds can define their own path and cultivate meaningful careers.Watch the Globe and Mail feature HERE