Happy National HVAC Tech Day!

Today we want to take a moment to celebrate our Tech on the Move team, EllisDon's Facilities Services' innovative mobile service. Our team provides technical and specialized support efficiently and promptly wherever necessary across the GTA.

Our Tech on the Move team offers specialized expertise and resources to enhance efficiency by freeing up in-house staff, achieving cost savings by optimizing maintenance, improving the quality of services through our expert members, and offering flexible and compliant solutions tailored to each site’s specific assets. In addition to HVAC-R, our dedicated team also offers plumbing, electrical, building automation support, millwrighting, and specialized services for commercial and industrial boiler plants, along with engineering and consulting services.

We're proud to have a team that plays a vital role in keeping our buildings safe and users comfortable. Thank you to Tech on the Move for keeping more than just our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems running smoothly.