Safety Week: Value Every Voice

Safety Week is a time to highlight the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in our communities and workplaces. Our goal is to ensure everyone returns home safely to their families each night, making a positive difference in our culture of care. This coming week (May 6-10) serves as a reminder of our shared responsibility to look out for each other every day, and to make the right decisions to keep everyone safe.

This year's Safety Week theme is “Value Every Voice,” and Ellison, fostering a stronger safety culture means listening to all voices at our worksites, from the Superintendent to our labourers and field teams. Each perspective is valuable, and by actively listening to one another, we can continue to build a culture of safety and trust.

We want to thank each of our employees for their continued commitment to keeping our sites safe and healthy. As we continue our journey towards safety excellence, let's not forget our “Why” - whether it’s returning home to loved ones, pursuing personal goals, or simply enjoying life to the fullest. Let's keep each other safe.