Statement Regarding Michael Garron Hospital Site Incident

Earlier this week, at one of our jobsites in Toronto, hate paraphernalia was found at the beginning of the workday by two sub trade workers. The paraphernalia (two nooses) were strategically placed and we are confident they were racially motivated, by an individual or individuals, who have yet to be identified. To say we are shocked and disgusted would be an understatement.Geoff Smith, EllisDon’s President & CEO:“I am appalled and outraged at the hateful and racist actions that took place at one of our construction sites. This will not be tolerated, not now, not ever. We will work with Toronto Police Services, with every resource we can muster, to identify the guilty individual or individuals and ensure they are prosecuted to the fullest extent, and never allowed to participate in our industry again. We have worked extremely hard to ensure a culture and environment that allows people to work free of discrimination and intolerance. Obviously there is more work to be done; and I know I speak for the entire industry when I say that we do not intend to rest until this kind of behavior is eradicated entirely.”This type of behaviour and intolerance will never be permitted on an EllisDon jobsite or office. We are cooperating fully with Toronto Police Services who are rightfully treating this incident as a possible hate crime. These actions are not a joke. They are ignorant, and will come with harsh consequences which we will fully support.Enough is enough.Click HERE for the CBC News article.