3rd Annual TimberFever Design-Build Competition Lays Foundation for Young Builders

On September 21-24, EllisDon sponsored TimberFever, a four-day design-build competition which took place at Ryerson University. Now in its third year, TimberFever brings together architecture and civil engineering students from 16 universities across Ontario to collaborate and build a life-size wood structure. The objective is to encourage students to collaborate on a project while developing design, construction, and communication skills that they can apply in their future careers. Mark Gaglione, Building and Materials Science Specialist at EllisDon with a passion for construction sciences, was among the volunteers to mentor the student design teams throughout the competition. “When you have the chance to teach something to someone else, you learn it better yourself,” said Mark Gaglione, Building and Materials Science Specialist. “I am tremendously excited about the future of wood construction and having the chance to share that passion with the next generation of designers and builders is an opportunity I couldn't pass up.” Using the tools and materials provided, the design teams were challenged to build unique wooden structures that would be judged based on concept, design development, construction and presentation.