ATRIO Bogotá North Tower Has Topped Out

Bogotá, Colombia – The Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) designed ATRIO celebrated a major milestone in its construction on Friday, August 24th, 2018. At a topping out ceremony in Bogotá, the final two beams, each autographed by key contributors and the companies involved with the project’s creation, were placed atop the 43-story, 201 meters (661 feet) high North Tower.

José Carlos Matamala (Presidente de Arpro) Rafael Londoño (Presidente, QBO), Nayib Neme (Presidente Ejecutivo, Grupo <a> )& Gonzalo Toro (Vice President Corporativo Empresas y Gobierno del Grupo Bancolombia)

Once completed, the emblematic project will comprise of two towers featuring over 820,210 ft² (250,000 m²) of corporate office and commercial space, with more than 32808.4 ft² (10,000 m²) of public space. With its unprecedented size and innovative design, ATRIO will be the first major step in the further modernization of downtown Bogotá.

The construction of ATRIO’s North Tower, which is scheduled for completion in late 2019, is a result of the world’s best industry-related teams joining together to give life to ATRIO. The team includes developers and promoters, QBO, Grupo , and Arpro. Construction is directed, managed and executed by El Consorcio ELLISDON-ARPRO alongside engineering specialist ARUP, P&D, and POCH in what is today’s only digital and paperless working relationship for a construction of this scale in all of Colombia. ATRIO’s design has been the vision of the aforementioned Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP). The acclaimed RSHP team has worked closely with a regional counterpart the Colombian architectural firm El Equipo Mazzanti.