EllisDon and DIALOG file Patent for Hybrid Timber Floor System

EllisDon, in partnership with DIALOG, has officially filed global patents for the Hybrid Timber Floor System (HTFS), a 105-storey Hybrid Timber Tower design concept awarded as the winner of Fast Company's "2021 World Changing Ideas" in architecture.

As mass timber structures gain popularity nationally, the industry is being called upon to utilize timber in situations typically reserved for steel and concrete. This trend has sparked our EllisDon Construction Sciences team to combine materials in new ways while incorporating new mass timber materials in low-carbon products.

"The hybrid panel presents a unique value proposition allowing for carbon sustainability, the ability for offsite prefabrication, and long-span exposed ceilings desired by many commercial tenants," says Mark Gaglione, Director of Building and Material Sciences at EllisDon. "We are excited to partner with DIALOG to help make this concept a reality as soon as possible.

"This system could introduce mass timber structural solutions into the supertall tower category, reducing the environmental impact of tall building development in high-density urban areas.

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