EllisDon and Impulse Partners Announce ConTech Accelerator Winners

Mississauga, ON — EllisDon and Impulse Partners are pleased to announce a successful first round of our inaugural ConTech Accelerator program. Starting from among 110 submissions, and after making through interviews as part of the top 30 contenders, representatives from the eight finalists travelled to EllisDon’s Mississauga office to pitch their ideas.

During the two-day event, EllisDon provided a guided project tour as well as access to field teams, operational managers, and executives from the C-suite who were present for their pitches and provided candid feedback on what they saw.

Brandon Milner, Senior VP of Digital & Data Engineering at EllisDon, made it clear in the opening statements, “EllisDon has a wealth of tech and domain expertise in house, not to mention our experience in construction, and if this industry is going to improve, then we need to leverage both in a way that helps those in the field.”

Hammad Chaudhry, VP of Innovation & Construction Technology at EllisDon, added that “the response EllisDon has received from everyone - from our partners at Impulse to that came to Mississauga – has given us the confidence we needed to know we’re on the right track. It's clear that a General Contractor can do this as well as anyone.”

EllisDon and Impulse Partners would like to congratulate all the finalists in making the decision a difficult one. The judges have spoken and the winners of our first ever ConTech accelerator are:

Provision. Provision’s product harnesses AI and LLM capabilities for contract documents while also providing sourcing of results.

SiteLink. SiteLink’s AR platform makes scanning project progress as simple as sending a text.

The Link. The Link’s AI-assisted indexing of specifications makes for a practical and grounded resource for those who need quick access to construction technical insights.

With the completion of this first phase, EllisDon and Impulse Partners will now work with the winners to help develop their product, collaborate with them in the field, and deploy our industry expertise where it is needed most – in helping the latest technologies find a place in one of the world’s oldest industries.