EllisDon Celebrates World Water Day

EllisDon is excited to celebrate World Water Day by updating you on our progress with the Port Lands Flood Protection Project!

Our team is working hard to create two new outlets for the existing river, which will allow floodwaters to run off into the inner harbor instead of damaging the surrounding neighborhoods during extreme weather events. The new 1.2 km river valley starts where the Don River meets the Keating channel, flowing down towards the Polson Slip. Currently, we're removing the "West Plug" to connect the Polson slip and the lake to our new river valley. Once the “North Plug” excavation is complete, we can connect the river valley and the lake to the Don River.

Canoe Cove and Promontory Park South, located just east of the Toronto downtown core, will provide a slip for people to cruise in canoes and kayaks, a fish habitat, and a destination for the city to come and enjoy.

We're proud of the progress we've made since 2019 and look forward to continuing our efforts to promote sustainability and improve our impact.