EllisDon Embraces Tradition at Cold Lake First Nations First Annual Traditional Healing Pow Wow in 80 years

EllisDon had the privilege of participating in the recent Cold Lake First Nations Pow Wow. The event was a mesmerizing celebration of Indigenous culture, featuring rhythmic drumbeats, vibrant traditional attire, and captivating dances that carried stories from generations past. It was an incredible opportunity to learn, engage, and appreciate the diverse Indigenous cultures that have shaped the history of this land.

We're deeply committed to Truth and Reconciliation with Indigenous communities. Our work in Cold Lake is all about fostering meaningful relationships built on mutual respect, trust, and shared prosperity. We're collaborating closely with Indigenous communities to ensure sustainable economic development and a brighter future.

As part of our dedication to advancing Truth and Reconciliation, we're actively involving Elders, knowledge keepers, and Indigenous representatives in our project. It's about understanding the past, recognizing treaty agreements, and restoring Indigenous language, culture, and communities.

Our engagements with the First Nations in Cold Lake and the surrounding areas are progressing, and these relationships will ensure that our project maximizes Indigenous inclusion.