EllisDon Forges Transformative Partnership with Timescapes: Revolutionizing Construction with Advance Timelapse and AI Analytics

Mississauga, ON, December 11, 2023 - EllisDon is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Timescapes, a leading timelapse and job site analytics technology company, whose advanced construction cameras are already providing valuable insights on several active projects. Timescapes’ effective mix of high-resolution timelapse visuals with AI-powered analytics has been proven out on five active pilot projects and EllisDon looks forward to rolling out their technology across the business.

EllisDon’s Data & Digital Engineering team, who recently hosted their inaugural ConTech Accelerator, has been actively seeking out and developing strategic partnerships with tech solutions that can deliver in the field. As EllisDon’s self-perform division for IT Support, software development, SaaS services, and VDC/BIM operations, the Data & Digital Engineering team is proud to add Timescapes to the growing list of solutions available to our project teams.

Timescapes provides robust, reliable construction cameras that capture high-quality visual data from job sites and AI analytics that are automatically extracted from the images so project teams can easily action the insights. Ultimately, EllisDon found that Timescapes’ analytics and complete visual record of construction progress allowed for quicker and easier dispute resolution, data-driven decision-making, live insights that deterred unnecessary site walks, and streamlined communication and collaboration with contractors and consultants in the field. All of which amounted to improvements on the projects’ schedules and budget – ideal outcomes for a ConTech solution.

“Using Timescapes on our sites has given us the ability to not only generate beautiful project visuals and timelapses but also access advanced analytics for activity on site, “said Hammad Chaudhry, VP Innovation & Construction Technology, EllisDon. “These insights allow our construction and project teams to review construction progress remotely while also being able to make more informed decisions about the project.”

Chester Boyes, Timescapes’ CEO and Founder, views the partnership with EllisDon as another strong step forward for the company in the Canadian construction industry. “Our mission is to empower construction teams with the critical information they need to build better, faster, and safer in a much more collaborative way,” said Boyes. “We see visual data as the key component to achieving this goal. The strategic partnership with EllisDon, a leader in Canadian construction, will give us deeper insights into how companies can leverage visual data and analytics at both the project and overall organization level so we can continue to build on our market-leading solution”

About EllisDon

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About Timescapes

Timescapes is a leading timelapse and site analytics technology for busy construction managers. Using robust construction cameras, Timescapes provides real-time access to high-resolution timelapse images and job site activity data through a mobile platform, so construction professionals can manage their projects remotely. The entire project team can be given access to the platform so they can view past images and insights on weather, deliveries, personnel, and plant and equipment activity. This information can then be used to make decisions about how to lower costs, resolve dispute claims, reduce schedule delays, manage risk, and communicate more effectively. For more information, visit