EllisDon Launches Black History Month with VIBE

To kick-off Black History Month, EllisDon is excited to announce the creation of ED VIBE — EllisDon's new employee-led group focused on eliminating anti-Black Racism at EllisDon and in our industry.

“VIBE is a feeling. An energy that you feel when you're with other people. A sentiment that leaves you feeling like you want to go back,” said Jennifer Khan, EllisDon Head of Inclusive Diversity. “Go back to a place where you feel like you belong, a place where you want to grow and do great things.”

In December 2021, EllisDon’s pioneer employee-led leadership group, the Alliance of Black Employee Experience and Leadership (ABEEL), branched out as an independent non-profit organization. Under the leadership of its founding members, ABEEL will expand its work, impact, and access to more industries, organizations, and individuals. Building on the success of its predecessors, VIBE will continue EllisDon’s internal and external focus on taking concrete actions to combat anti-Black racism.

During Black History Month, EllisDon employees will get the chance to listen to two exceptional guest speakers, Celina Caesar-Chavannes and Kike Ojo-Thompson, on topics such as rethinking equity and understanding power and privilege, as well as guiding private and public organizations towards more equitable outcomes.

EllisDon is proud to continue leading the way towards inclusion for our industry — where everyone belongs.