EllisDon Makes Significant Advancements in Automation, Bringing a New Kind of Manufacturing to the Hamilton Area

Mississauga, ON, December 4, 2019— ED Modular, a 100% owned subsidiary of EllisDon, announced the opening of its modular manufacturing facility.Combining modular technology along with its deep expertise in Design-Build and Construction Sciences, EllisDon is leveraging this technology and automating its construction processes, putting the organization in a unique industry position within the construction sector.ED Modular recently leased a 300,000 square-foot facility in Stoney Creek, just outside of Hamilton, Ontario, that is currently being outfitted for the construction of modular buildings using a production line process. The vertically integrated division within EllisDon's Cradle-To-Grave Services offering, is taking projects through their lifecycle with greater design, schedule and budget efficiencies by taking tasks traditionally carried out on-site and bringing them to the assembly line.By self-performing the design, assembly and installation, EllisDon is effectively taking control of its processes, mitigating risk, increasing operational efficiencies and productivity, while continuing to meet evolving customer needs and expectations.

"The Construction Sciences team at EllisDon has spent many years evaluating different prefabrication and modular technologies," says Jim King, Sr. Vice-President, Capital Services, EllisDon. "With ED Modular's in-house capabilities we now have the ability to produce modular buildings of equivalent quality to conventional construction at a lower cost and reduced schedule."As part of this effort, EllisDon has partnered with Z Modular to leverage their expertise and use of VectorBloc technology, a modular construction system designed by Toronto-based inventor, Julian Bowron.This technology features an automated assembly station, robotic welding and a positioning system that forms high precision and strength steel structural boxes. These chassis are then moved down a production line where they are fitted with fixtures, finishes, the building envelope, and furniture. ED Modular’s pipeline of work includes student housing, hotels, condos, senior care, and affordable housing."Modular buildings are currently less than 2% of all construction," says Xavier Toby, Director Prefabrication and Technical Sales, ED Modular, "With this new facility, we are hoping to significantly shift that percentage as we build momentum and set the use of prefabrication and modular technology as a new standard in the construction industry."In support of this venture, EllisDon's Digital + Data Engineering division is partnering with ED Modular to create the digital foundations necessary to execute this technology. The team is being leveraged to examine and develop process efficiencies, platform integrations, and provide design management services to ensure project outcomes. The working group is comprised of members from the Product Management & Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Tech Solutions and Virtual Design & Construction teams.“The joint effort of ED Modular and EllisDon Digital + Data Engineering will allow the design, manufacturing and installation phases to connect seamlessly and ultimately, deliver a significantly better project experience for our clients,” explained Rosemarie Lipman, CIO and SVP of Digital + Data Engineering.ED Modular's manufacturing facility will create approximately 200 new jobs and produce up to one million square feet of modular buildings per year once operating at full capacity.