EllisDon Named Cisco Partner for Advancing Sustainable Solutions

Mississauga, ON, August 2, 2022 — EllisDon Corporation continues demonstrating its commitment to sustainability by being named a Cisco Partner for Advancing Sustainable Solutions. Cisco, a worldwide leader in IT and networking, recognized EllisDon for using technology to deliver innovative solutions to their clients’ most complex sustainability challenges.

“Our actions today are going to have a ripple effect on the future of our planet,” said Robert Barnes, EllisDon’s Senior Vice President, Energy & Digital Services. “We believe in the value of leveraging a digital future to accelerate positive change.”

As part of EllisDon’s Infrastructure Services and Technology (IST) team, Energy and Digital Services showcased its cutting-edge Centralized Management Platform (CMP) in Cisco’s global Partner Digital Sustainability Challenge. The Platform provides an interactive, digital interface for managing intelligent building systems, including building automation, lighting control, security and energy metering. The CMP monitors and autonomously manages energy consumption within the building, alerting the operator to any faults or inefficiencies.

“At EllisDon, we know that you can’t be GREEN unless you’re SMART. Our Infrastructure Services & Technology team delivers sustainable solutions aimed at helping our clients achieve their energy and carbon reduction goals,” said Jody Becker, EllisDon’s Chief Strategy Officer and EVP, Infrastructure Services & Technology. “Our success depends on strategic alliances with like-minded companies; we are so proud of our partnership with Cisco and applaud their commitment to fighting climate change through technology.”

Winning submissions of the competitive challenge achieved three main aspects: showing a measurable impact, accelerating innovation, and demonstrating collaboration. EllisDon ranked among the top three companies in the America International category.