EllisDon Reflects on National Truth and Reconciliation Day

Today, we commemorate National Truth and Reconciliation Day, a day of remembrance for the children who never returned home from residential schools and the survivors, their families, and communities. Reflecting on this history and its lasting impact is crucial for reconciliation. We all have a role in fostering cultural understanding and supporting Indigenous communities and voices.

In our ongoing commitment to reconciliation, inclusivity, and equity in education, EllisDon's AlliED (ALL inclusive at EllisDon) group proudly sponsored the release of a new e-book titled "Built from Nature - Indigenous Houses," published by Chapter One (formerly TutorMate). Chapter One is dedicated to promoting literacy through its Global Free Library and volunteer-driven, high-impact tutoring services.

Authored by Nancy Cooper and beautifully illustrated by Alex Peechow, "Built from Nature - Indigenous Houses" is an engaging, interactive e-book that delves into the traditional house-building methods of four Indigenous groups (Haida, Cree, Inuit, and Anishnabe). Within the ebook, readers will discover informative pop-ups linked to Indigenous words, providing definitions and sound files for correct pronunciation of words such as "ginowaa" (meaning tall in height) and "biboon" (meaning winter). To preserve the integrity and authenticity of the languages, the voices heard in the sound files are those of Elders and Knowledge Keepers from the respective communities.

To access the e-book and learn more, please click here.